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Dear Students and valued customers,

THE STORY OF STUDELP really begins in 2014 when many of our friends had many questions after getting admission from more than one university.

Research Assistance, Teaching Assistance, Scholarship, Teaching Standards, value of degree, Off campus/On Campus jobs, Cost of living and other expenses that are never realistic. Most of the online information are outdated and do not contain upto date information.

Also, every year things change with respect to the quality of the university, Courses, Teaching standards, Professors availability, chances of getting jobs and value of degree in the job market.

Our Web site establish the communication between current students(Helpers) and Future students or Students abroad (Seeker), many of the questions are answered.

Also, When international students get admission in another country, they do not know all the details about the City, living expense, part time jobs, Health Insurance, Transportation etc..

A current student from their city, state or country has a better understanding after spending time in that university. They should able to help the prospective students prepare before their arrival to the other country.

Of course, Parents can talk to the helpers and clarify questions before sending their kids to the college.

A classified section helps students to sell/buy things, increase chance of getting part time, seasonal jobs. Since all helpers(Current students) identity is verified, the spammers intrusion is very negligible.

That's why we say "Today Helps Tomorrow".

  How it work ?

This site is aimed to provide a common platform for the students from all over the world. If you are a student, you may have two roles, please check which role you are fit into.

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IOS/Android App will be coming soon in Fall 2016.
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