Learn a Complete Periodic table easily in just 3 steps and trick

As we all know, what is periodic table and how much periodic table is important in Chemistry and specially in Inorganic chemistry. Without learning periodic table, nothing will happen in your chemistry. I mean your Chemistry won't be too good unless or until you learn it.

Even when students do not remember anything in periodic table then they stick picture of periodic table in their study room or on their study table. You may have also noticed it.

I know, it's difficult to learn a periodic table and you must be thinking how to learn a periodic table easily and if you want then trust me after reading this article you will be able to learn a periodic table. 

In this article you will get most powerful and important steps, which will definitely help you to learn a periodic table in very short time (around 10 days). Let me first tell you, learning a periodic table means if someone ask any question related to periodic table then you can answer them instantly. So lets learn.....

Steps and Trick :

So here, I'll give you three steps through which you can learn easily.


If you want to learn a complete periodic table then first of all you have to learn all element name ( at least 90) with their Atomic number and Symbol. For that you have to set a goal or target that I have to learn 20 elements per day.

 And if you have learnt 20 element first day then in second day,  first you should revision which you have learnt before. Similarly do the third day to the last day.

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Trick :

Here you will get my trick, through which I had learnt till 58(Barium) Atomic number. After that I learnt without any trick. So I also recommend you,  first start learning without any trick because this would be remembered for long time. Lets look at trick....

(Read this as a name) 
Hahili  ➡️ H , He , Li
  ↓            1    2    3
Bebac ➡️ Be , B , C 
                  4     5   6
Nofne ➡️  N , O , F , Ne
                  7    8   9  10
Namgal ➡️ Na , Mg , Al
                     11   12   13
Sips    ➡️  Si ,  P  , S
                 14  15  16
Clark  ➡️  Cl , Ar , K
                 17  18  19
Casctiv ➡️  Ca , Sc , Ti , V
                    20   21  22  23
Crmn  ➡️  Cr , Mn
                  24   25
Feconicu ➡️  Fe , Co , Ni , Cu
                       26   27   28   29
Zn    ➡️  Zn (30)

Similarly you can also make it till 90. But I would suggest you if you want to learn through trick then first try to make your own trick because this will increase your brain power too. 


Our next step is to learn periodic table groups. In this step you groups with their periods. For example ፦

            IA       IIA _______________ till last group 
            H        Be
            Li        Mg
            Na      Ca
            K         Sr
            Rb       Ba
            Cs       Ra

Once you have learnt all element according to first step then you can easily learn all group. And one more thing , when you will learn group wise again revision with Atomic number and Symbol.

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If you will learn by following first and second step then now you have to learn block wise. I mean s- block, p- block , d- block and f- block containing groups and elements. For example: s-block containing IA and IIA group and total elements of them. 

And if you learn through this then try to draw a periodic table in blank page or in mind. I am 100% sure if you will follow all steps then you can draw easily.

Conclusion :

So here , I have explained how you can learn a periodic table easily in very short time (around 10 days). Even I also learnt from this way and I hope this article will have been helpful for you. If you have any query then you can ask me through 'Contact us' page.

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