4 Powerful Tips to remember what you read - 100% working tips

When we read something then after next day or within 5 - 10 days we must have forgotten that and when we recall that then only some of them parts will come in our mind. Isn't it?

If you also face this problem and you think, how to remember what you read and want to solution of this problem then stay with me till the end. 

Because here I am going to give you most powerful and proven techniques or some tips which will definitely help you to remembering what you read. So lets start..

What you have to do :

Tip-1 :

You might have heard, when you read or learn something in morning then it will be save for a long time in your mind, which is absolutely true. Because there is no disturbance in the morning and you can focus on your study.

And once you'll read with focus then you won't forget that quickly. So next time try to wake up and read in early morning and see the result.

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Tip-2 :

When you read or learn something then try to make a trick for easily learning. And this will increase your memory power too. And on weekends or any other day you should revision that until you remember it well.

One time, A Teacher asks from students that What is the spelling of 'Assassination'. But No one student can give correct answer then the Teacher says One donkey stands on another donkey and and last donkey stands on me and I stand on my country. 

So when you learn something then learn through this tricky way. 

One more thing, Whenever you get a chance to say that then say there. And if you don't have then ask someone to listen. 

Tip -3 :

Save in your Subconscious mind-

you must have heard about conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind

But, Do you know the power of subconscious mind. If you can control your subconscious mind and read with subconscious mind then you'll never forget anything what you read.

But in reality, After growing up no one can read with subconscious mind and you too  read with conscious mind ,that's why you forget easily. 

Now you'd ask,  How to read or learn with Subconscious mind. Don't worry! If you want to activate your subconscious mind rather than conscious mind then you should do ....

  1. Focus on your study 
  2. Revision again and again
  3. Keep thinking in free time

First two points I have discussed above, but last point that I am going to discuss with you is the most important. When you are free and not doing very important work then think and talk to yourself what did you read.

For example, when you're walking then you can think or else when you're brushing your teeth then you can think. This will definitely help you to activate your subconscious mind.

Tip -4 :

Meditation and eat healthy foods:

If you want to keep remember for long time then you should meditate and you should eat healthy food too.

As you know very well how much these two things are important for us. And you are a student then you must should eat dry fruits and milk. So if you want a healthy mind then must follow this. 

My view and point:

So here, I have explained how can you remember what you read and what are reason behind your forgetting and I hope you have understand this very well.

All the points that I have discussed here is based on my experience and research. And I must say, If you follow all the tips then you will be able to remember what you read and you won't forget easily. 

So I hope, you have found this article useful. If you have any query then you can ask me through 'Contact us' page.

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