5 powerful tips to Study for exam - Strategies

Does it really matter, how you studied full session or full semester for best result in exam.

I'd say, Your result and marks not only depend on your study of full session but it also depend on your study before exam.

This is the reason that, Sometimes a student who has always performed less in the full session and becomes a topper after studying well with strategy, before the exam. Isn't it?

So if you're worrying about exam and you think how to study before exam then, stay with me till the end.

Because In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 powerful and proven tips which will definitely help you to give best in your exam. So lets start..... 

1. Make a work list : 

If you want to study well before exam then You should make a work list of your subjects and topics. Let me understand you.

When I prepared for the exam, I wrote a list of all chapters and topics which was important for the exam and I didn't read before. And after completing every subject or topic, I made a cross (❌) or Tick (✔️) on that topic. Because it showed me, I have completed my syllabus.

This thing really help me to complete my chapters before exam. So I recommend that you should try this once.

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2. Exam before Routine :

Every students made routines but no one can follow routine. You might have also made routine before, but you will not be able to follow. Am I right ?

You don't follow routine always, its okay. But If you want to well study for exam then you have to made routine before (at least -1 month) exam and have to follow too. Because without routine you can not give too much time on your study. 

So make a routine and follow for at least 1 month before exam. And In this routine you should give a specific time to all your work and do study for long hours.

3. Previous year's papers :

If you're preparing for any exam and you can solve previous year's papers of those exam, it means you can pass your upcoming exam

I don't know about you but when I prepare for exam I always solve previous year's papers. Even sometimes some same question can be repeat in our exams.

So I guess, Previous year's papers are very important and helpful for any exam. And at least one month ago, you should start to solving previous year papers.

4. Read only Notes :

Every sincere students make notes, even I do but Do you ever think, Why we make notes ? 

Notes are very helpful to understanding concept and theory in very easy language as compare to books and it also helps us to remembering easily. Notes is a conclusion and summary of our books. 

If you have notes then it is good but if not then you can take from someone and copy that notes. And if you underline the important points of your books then it can also be your notes.

So you should read only your notes in the morning for your exam, where no disturbance happens and you can focus on your study. 

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5. Give 10 Pre-test before exam :

This is last and best tip to check your preparation. You should give a test everyday before 10 days of your exam.

This test you can give through your phone or set's book for your exam. But Remember one thing,  when you give test then you should also check, how much time you take to finish the test.

These test will also help you to improve your preparation. So decide a time and give 10 pre- test before your exam.

My view and points :

For getting a good result in exam, We must study hard and smart before at least one month of  exam. So here I have explain you my 5 most powerful tips to study for exam. I don't know about you but I always follow these tips when I prepare for exam. Besides of these point, I must suggest you shouldn't study at last day of exam. In fact you should watch movies at last day.

So If you follow all tips then I must say,  you'll have a good result in exam. I hope you find this article useful. And If you have any doubt or query then you can ask me personally through Contact us page. 

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