7 proven tips to Stay Motivated - Get motivated everyday

Motivation is a kind of medicine and after getting this you will definitely succeed in your career or life. And if someone motivates you then you can get whatever you want. 

For example If you want to wake up daily in the morning, and for this any website or videos or else motivates you then you will definitely wake up in morning. 

But may be you can follow this for only 3 - 5 days and after next day you won't be able to  follow this. And this problem also happens in other cases. Isn't it?

So for this problem, we need to stay motivated in our life and towards our goal or target.

So if you want to know, how to stay motivated in life then stay me with me till the end. Because here, I'm going to tell most Powerful and Proven 7 tips which will definitely help you to be stay motivated.


Focus on your goal or target :

If you want to be stay motivated then you should have a goal in life because Without a goal, a person can not be motivated forever.

So if you don't have any goal then make a goal in life about where you have to go or what you want to be.

Now you have to focus on your goal , always work for your goal and stay positive. Always say to yourself  Yes! I can do this and I will. This will motivates you forever. 

Remember one thing, Whatever work you do everyday that should be on one side but never forget to work on your goal daily. You know what I mean.


Don't compare with others : 

Many people have this problem, when they're doing something big then always compare themselves to others. 

They often think , I am not better than others, someone will do better than me or something else. And due to this reason they get demotivated. What you think about it ?

So if you think like this, then stop thinking like this. In life there is no competition with others, only You Vs You. It means only you can decide your limit. So don't compare with others and always believe on yourself and give your best. 

If you don't have this problem then I appreciate you.


Spend time with those ....

Make such a friend who always helps you and motivates you. This could be your parents or your siblings or best friend. And listen to understand them, not to respond them. 

But Never make such a friend who demotivates you or does not encourage you.

You must know about Warren Buffet. He say, "Spend time with those people who are better than you, make such colleagues whose behavior are good than you, then you will keep moving forward." 

Conversation rule :

Always remember one thing, If you are saying something in the conversation with your friends it means You are sharing the information that you have but If you are listening to them it means, you are acquiring the knowledge that you don't have.

But it doesn't mean you don't say anything, I mean don't try to show off in the conversation that you are better than others.

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Learn from your mistakes :

Everyone do mistakes and get fail but our big mistake is that we don't learn from our mistakes. Isn't it?

If we learn from our mistakes then we get definitely motivated and Next time, we definitively won't repeat that mistakes. 

You must have heard about Edison, He failed more than 1000 times to make and invent a bulb and when his friend told him that don't waste your time, you can't do, So leave this then Edison says, After too much mistakes I learnt that this cannot be done through these ways. Therefore, I have to find some other way.

As You see here what Edison did, He learnt from his mistakes and find some other solution. So instead of getting demotivated when you do mistakes, learn from your mistakes.


Movies and books :

You will definitely have one hobby- Reading books or Watching movies or else Browsing net. Isn't it ?

If you have then You should read success stories booksQuotes of successful peoples and should watch inspirational movies. Because these will always motivates you. 

I don't know about you but I am crazy about watching movies and reading success stories. And because of this I get stay motivated.

If you do not having interest in these and do not believe in my words then you should watch once 'Pursuit of happiness' movie then you will understand how can a movie teach us many thing.

One inspirational quote or inspirational line or any movie dialogue can change your life. So when you're free then watch inspirational movies or read success story books and read Quotes.


Learn a New skill :

We should Never stop learning in our life. Always learn something new because knowledge is power and If you have knowledge then you will be confident. 

For Students, I don't mean to say that you should always read your text books or give best in your class. 

Besides of these, Learn a new skill and share your knowledge when someone curious about your skill. Your new will show, you have something extra and this will definitely motivate you. So keep learning and keep growing.

But never say to anyone what you are going to do until you get succeed or learn completely. Because not everyone will happy to hear this, even someone can discourage and demotivate you. So shock them and stay silent about your next move. 


Celebrate Your accomplishment :

As learning is so important, similarly  celebrating your accomplishment is also important.

In our life, we are getting very busy and because of this we get forget to enjoy our life and give time to our family. Isn't it?

I don't know about you but I always celebrate my accomplishment with my family and friends. Because it really inspires me that I achieved something in life and motivates me to do more.

So I will also recommend to you, when you achieve something in life then you should celebrate your accomplishment with your family and friends and make that day special and I am sure if you do this then it will motivate you too.

My view and points :

So here I have explained the 7 tips to stay motivated. These are the tips that I follow and get stay motivated. And if you follow then I must say, you will be stay motivated too. So I hope you find this article useful. If you have any query further then you can contact me through Contact us page. Give a comment below about this article.

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