About us

Hi! I am Saurabh Barnwal, founder of 'STUDELP '.
Now at a time, I am pursuing Aircraft maintenance engineering, which is my profession and I am a blogger by passion. I love to share the knowledge that I have. 

When I finished my 12th then I guessed that I am interested in Aircraft and its maintenance fields. So I founded Aircraft maintenance engineering would be best for me. 

And in vacations, I used to learn Blogging, Affiliate marketing and others by following my passion. I believe in  Never stop learning and make yourself like a river who always flows.

About my platform :

The idea behind bringing this platform is to provide a conceptual and theoretical answer of all your question which often comes in mind. You know what I mean.

I observed that what could be the problems of students and what they need. So I started STUDELP which means Student's help.

In this platform, you'll get some concepts of  Physics and Chemistry, Courses and Career options, Study guideline and Motivation. I'll give my best to learn something.

About my articles :

When it comes to my articles then I want to tell you, all information and knowledge that I provide you here is based on my own experience and research.

 And I'll share with you only that information in which I have sufficient knowledge. I hope my all articles will helpful for you.

My thoughts: 

Never say to anyone that You can't do this and if someone tells to you that you can't do this, then don't argue with him, until or unless you prove to him that he was wrong. And once you'll get that then you don't need to argue with him.

I welcome you all in my little world to grab the best of my experience and findings.